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Preparing for Disasters

Prepare your emergency plan

Prepare your household (you, your family and your home) for an emergency in 4 simple steps. Use the household emergency plan to record key contacts, meeting places, phone numbers and medical information so that everyone in your home knows what to do in an emergency

Prepare for evacuation

Information to help you prepare for evacuation. If you live in a flood- or bushfire-prone area, planning for evacuation now can save you time when the official advice is given to evacuate. Find out what items to include in your evacuation kit and what to do before evacuating

Emergency kit: essential items, all times

Find out what you should always have in your emergency kit and what to add to your kit during storm or cyclone season. Use the checklist to confirm you have enough food, water, medical supplies, clothing, footwear and tools, as well as important documents

Prepare your home

Information and advice to help prepare your home for emergencies. Use the list of suggested tasks to minimise potential damage to your property before the storm or cyclone season starts. Find out what to do if you live in a flood-prone area or in an area affected by severe storms, and what to do when a severe weather warning is issued

Tune into warnings!

Stay informed about severe weather warnings and other emergencies so that you can respond quickly when you are directed to act. Find out how to tune in to receive warnings, where to get information online, what signals to listen for, and who to contact in an emergency

Check your Neighbours

Find out how you and your neighbours can help each other in an emergency. Get to know your neighbours before an emergency situation occurs, and check on them before and after the emergency. Use our template to record key information about your neighbours

Pet emergency plan

Prepare a pet emergency plan and get your pets ready for situations requiring them to be moved to temporary animal shelters. Find out what to add to your pet emergency kit and what information, such as identification and vaccination records, you will need for admitting your pet to an animal shelter

Get Ready

The more prepared we all are, the faster we’ll bounce back afterwards. That’s why we’re asking for your help to Get Ready Queensland

Food during a disaster

Accessing medicine during a disaster

How you can get your medication during an emergency

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