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Support for Carers

What can I do to support carers?

Carers dedicate so much of their time caring for someone who needs their assistance that they may not take the time to care for themselves. Here are some ways that you can support a carer

  • Everyone needs a good support network to have a chat and talk through a problem – maintain your relationships with carers and the person they care for

  • Create a circle of support
    This is a group of people who come together to protect and advance the interests of someone living with disability into the future, such as family, friends and other people interested in being involved in the person’s life in the long term and helping them to achieve their hopes and dreams

  • Provide practical assistance such as helping with household chores

  • Offer to assist with grocery shopping or purchase of medications when out and about

  • Take the carer out for morning tea or visit them to give them a break from their caring duties

  • Offer to look after the person they care for to give a carer some time to themselves to undertake an activity or exercise

  • Offer support if the carer wishes to learn a new skill or undertake training

  • If you are an employer of a carer, offer them flexible work practices to fit around their schedule

  • Organise a pampering session for the carer at home

  • Watch a funny movie together

Here you will find a list of support services for all carers, with some additional services specific to groups such as parents and grandparents, older and younger carers, and carers from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds

Support services for all Carers

  • Wellways Australia provides a range of Carer Gateway Support Services for carers including face to face counselling, planning assistance and financial packages. Wellways can be contacted on 1300 111 400 or by emailing

  • Carers Queensland is the peak body representing and advocating on behalf of carers throughout Queensland. Carers Queensland provides a range of support and accredited training for carers

  • Arafmi Queensland supports those who care for, or about, someone with a mental illness. It offers phone support, counselling, family respite, support group meetings and workshops for carers. To find out more call (07) 3254 1881 (24 hours)

  • Carer Gateway is a national online and phone service that provides practical information and resources to support carers. The interactive service finder helps carers connect to local support services. To find out more phone 1800 422 737 (free call, Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm)

  • Commonwealth Home Support Program helps senior Australians access entry-level support services to live independently and safely at home. It works with you to maintain your independence rather than doing things for you. For more information phone My Aged Care on 1800 200 422

  • My Aged Care provides information and advice about disability, aged care and other support services for people over 65 and their carers. To find out more call the Commonwealth Aged Care Information Line on 1800 200 422

  • Queensland Community Support Scheme can help people with disability under 65 years of age (and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people under 50 years of age) with services provided in the community and in your home. Phone Community Access Point on 1800 600 300

Additional supports


  • The Association for Children with a Disability provides resources to assist parents in supporting siblings of a child with a disability.

  • Livewire is an online community enabling parents and carers of people living with a disability, serious illness or chronic health condition to connect and support one another via the internet

  • MyTime playgroups are available across Queensland to help carers socialise and share ideas with others who understand about caring for a child with disability. Phone 1800 889 997

  • Raising Children helps parents and carers make decisions that work for them in their individual family circumstances


Older carers

If you are an older carer, there may be assistance available for the person in your care or for you. Options include in-home support, centre-based respite and community-based support. In some locations, emergency respite and other flexible respite options may be available.

Older carers of adult sons and daughters have usually been caring for a long time and often continue their caring role as they themselves age. As this occurs, it is natural—and necessary—for older carers to need some regular respite and support and to start thinking about planning for the future


Seniors Enquiry Line also provides information and referral on a wide range of topics of interest to seniors

Young carers

Find out where to get support if you are a young carer under 25

Mental health support

  • If a person's life is in danger, call triple zero (000) immediately for assistance

  • Finding out you are not alone in your situation can do wonders for your wellbeing. One way of connecting with others is to join a self-help group, where people come together to support each other and share information

  • Support Groups Qld can help you find a group in your area. Phone (07) 3344 6919 or email

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