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Our Services


Level 1: Support Connection

Assistance to strengthen a participant’s ability to connect with mainstream and funded supports, and to increase capacity to maintain support relationships, resolve service delivery issues, and participate independently in NDIS processes


Level 2: Coordination of Support

Assistance to strengthen a participant’s ability to connect to, and coordinate informal, mainstream and funded supports. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity and resilience in a participants network and coordinating supports from a range of sources, including with other Stakeholders and specialists. 


Core & Capacity Building Supports

Shine Home Support provides  administrative assistance to NDIS Participants who do not have access to Support Coordination provision, a computer, or cannot/would prefer not to use a computer


Note: Shine Home Support cannot deliver Support Coordination, as well as a Core or Capacity Building support at the same time due to a conflict of interest 

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